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Song Am Trading corp.

founded in 1989 is an international trading company for technical products, serving as a bridge, not only for goods and services of high technology but also for mutual understanding, between korea and Western countries, Asian countries.

Spreading innovation in the Nano, Carbon, SiC, Powder Manufacturing, MLCC, Graphite, CF, Brake, Aeroplane, EV, Spacecraft, Top brand top , Quality, first tech,
fields is the aim of Song Am.

Business Outline : Import, Domestic Sales, Global solution for Nano & Micro Powder Field
Energy : Secondary Battery, Fuel cell
IT : MLCC, LCD, PDP, LED,Semiconductor, FPD, Bio.
Metal Powder Manufacturing for 3D Print
SiC / Carbon / Composites / Carbon Fiber / CFRP Recycle
Powder Metallurgy
Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics
Product Area : Powder Processing Field, Filtering Field, Material field, Electro & High tech Field, Sub Micro Classification, API
주소 : #1247, Sinnam-ri, Namyang-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA
전화 : (+82)31-450-6681
History of Business.
1989 ~ 1992
  Lab & Analytical Equipment
Ceramic & Powder Equipment
Engineering System for steel industry Mine Equipment
~ 2001
  Equipment & Material for powder processing
Engineering system for steel industry
~ 2021
  nergy, IT, Bio / pharmaceutical / Food, Filtering, Nanopowder& Related Technology, Ceramic, Display, Pigment, Ink , Paint 
Carbon / Composites / Carbon Fiber / CFRPSiC Processing,  Metal Powder Processing for 3D Print
Why Partner with Song Am

1.Long history & good background in the advanced, hightech, fields.
2.Cutting Edge Technology for total solution
3.Skilled professionals with collective experience
4.Fast response system
5.Think Quality, Create value

#1247, Sinnam-ri, Namyang-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do tel : (+82)31-450-6681 FAX : (+82)31-450-6684